5 ways to handle the sting of rejection

Soulmates have the ability to read one another like a book. They are not your soul mate if they abruptly vanish since they genuinely connect with you on all levels.

5 ways to handle the sting of rejection
5 ways to handle the sting of rejection

There are times when you meet someone you really vibe with, you have amazing dates, countless phone calls and then you start lingering fantasies about this possibly being the one.

Then suddenly the person disappears. You are either blindsided or the person goes silent with you.

It hurt so much that you do not know how to pick up and move on?

Here are five ways to handle this:

Give feedback

It is not unlikely not to blossom in the new relationship especially if you really like the person, hence, there is no need afraid to share it for fear of looking thirsty.

If you smile when you see his or her call and can’t wait to spend time with the person you’re dating again, let them know! Holding it in makes it appear as if you’re just not that into them, and it’s very possible that they will take your actions to heart and just disappear.

  • Do temperature checks

When you initially meet someone be as transparent as possible. Share how communication is key for you.

Sprinkle in questions periodically about their feelings, wants and needs just to make sure you’re both managing each other’s expectations.

  • Create a safe space

Creating a safe space for the person you someone you like is really key, it makes them comfortable to share their feelings and thoughts with you.

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When they do not vibe with you all of a sudden then it is because they don’t feel comfortable sharing or they fear of hurting your feelings, or probably they’re not sure how you may handle the news. Therefore, they decide to rather disappear.

  •  Get the closure you need

Your feelings are important. Let’s face it, the sudden disappearance hurts.

It hurts your feelings, bruises your ego, and can leave you wondering if something is wrong with you.

However, let’s be clear, whether you get an explanation or not, you deserving one. Hence, give them a call (instead of text) and leave a voicemail if they do not answer your call and let them know you are disappointed. Whether they respond or not, you can be rest assured that they are clear of how their actions made you feel.

  • Keep moving

Do not shut down on that amazing person because you got hurt by another person’s sudden disappearance.

Take a few moments to do a self-check and recount the events leading up to the disappearing act. If there’s something you would change next time on your end, make a mental adjustment.

Take a predetermined amount of time to feel the pain, cry, and confide in a trusted friend. Then, when the time is up, move on.

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