Everything you should know about your baby’s first haircut

Everything that occurs for the first time in the child’s life is still very significant to the parents. For this reason, one of the most thrilling and scary things a new parent may experience is cutting their baby’s hair for the first time. Even though you might be thrilled, keep in mind that your youngster might not be as thrilled to be near sharp scissors or experience strange sensations close to his head.

When it comes to the significant occasion of the first haircut, parents should bear in mind that every baby is unique, just like their hair structure. If you are prepared with knowledge, having your child’s hair cut might not be as frightening as it seems. Later on, you can thank us.

02/4​The time for the first hair cut

There is no particular age for your little one to get his/her first haircut and it actually depends on when they might need one. If your baby was born with a head full of hair, he might be ready for trimming in a couple of months only, otherwise, those with a shiny bald head (and just a few hair, here and there) may not need it till the time they turn one! You should also wait till the time your baby is able to hold the head up.

In addition to the personal preference of the parents, one may also need to keep in mind if the hair is irritating the kiddo around the neck or is long enough to cover his eyes.

03/4​Why you should tell your child about the trip beforehand

A trip to the salon is not the surprise that your little one will look forward to, take it from us. In addition to being strapped on a chair, hear the scissors go snip-snap near their ears is no fun for kiddos. So, before you let a stranger take over your baby’s hair, make sure he/she is relaxed and in a good mood.

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04/4​Here are some other tips for your little one’s first haircut:

1. As a parent, you need to relax and calm down first. Your baby can easily pick up your mood if you are stressed or worried. Remember that the sound and feel of clippers can be unnerving for the child, so remember to keep them distracted with their favourite toys or snacks. You can also make use of the cape and link it to their favourite superhero character.

2. Remember, babies can be wiggly and squirmy during the process. This is why your first priority should be keeping the little one comfortable during the whole process so that they do not keep moving their heads. Keep standing along with the barber where the child can see you. You can also sing their favourite song or read their favourite story.

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