Ghanaian men are the best in Africa – Bullgod goes hard on Hilda Baci

Bullgod, a prominent handler and entertainment critic, has reacted to remarks made by Nigerian celebrity Hilda Baci regarding her countrymen’s superiority over women.

He contends that Hilda Baci is mistaken in her assertions that Ghanaian men are the greatest in Africa, particularly in terms of how they treat and care for women in a romantic setting.

In an interview, a white woman mentioned that she preferred Ghanaian guys over Nigerian ones, implying that the former are genuine while the latter are involved in “scamming.”

Bulldog and Hilda Baci
Ghanaian men are the best in Africa’ – Bullgod goes hard on Hilda Baci

Speaking on the United Showbiz program on UTV, Bullgod refuted Hilda Baci’s assertion regarding men in Ghana.

“From the men, it’s always Ghana boys. She is saying we don’t do shows, what kind of show should we do to please them? There was a time when a white lady was being interviewed and she was asked to choose between Ghana and Nigerian men.

“She chose Ghanaian men because Nigerian men are scammers and they are not real but Ghana men take care of the women, she said it and we all know it’s true and we can testify. For the men they should forget, we are the best in Africa.”

Bullgod went on to say that the arguments between Ghana and Nigeria about various matters are beneficial to the entertainment sector and boost the nation’s image abroad.

“I like the whole Nigerian-Ghana thing because it keeps us in the conversation at the global level when it comes to music in Africa. We seem to be the second but there are other big nations like South Africa and Tanzania who are doing well too. Also, it is a plus because these Nigerians keep coming here which means there is something valuable that we don’t even see it.”

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Hilda Effiong Baci extolled the men in her country over Ghanaian men.

In excerpts of a podcast that went viral, Hilda said Ghanaian women are stuck with the decision to settle with their men, although their deepest desire is to settle with a Nigerian man.

The former Guinness World Record breaker, said in all certainty, that Ghanaian men might not ever get married, should there be an influx of Nigerian men in the country.

“Ask 20 Ghanaian women if they will marry Ghanaian men. Put Nigerian men and Ghanaian men side by side and see who they will pick. Ghanaian women marry Ghanaians because that is what is at their forefront. When we send some Nigerian men to Ghana, the men over there, won’t get wives,” she blatantly stated during a discussion with some UK Ghanaian men.

However, her statements triggered a massive backlash from Ghanaian peeps asserted that most Nigerian men in Ghana are not ‘trophies’ as she projected.

According to some netizens, Ghanaian women rather find Nigerian men unattractive, adding that most of these men end up settling for menial jobs, such as selling phone covers and so on.

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