People who go to university are more likely to have affairs

According to a recent study, having attended college increases your likelihood of having an affair.

dating website for adults only VictoriaMilan examined user education levels to determine whether they were associated with a higher risk of cheating.

They also discovered that those with university degrees were the ones most inclined to partake in extramarital activities.

Of those with degrees, 35.7% of women and 25.4% of men acknowledged having strayed.

According to the website, which examined almost 80,000 Australians, having a BA makes you 17.6% more likely to cheat on a woman and 22.5% more likely to do so on a man.

And bearing in mind that 44% of the Australian population have a BA qualification or higher, that’s quite a lot of potential for playing away.

People who go to university are more likely to have affairs

The next most likely to cheat are men who have a technical qualification or apprenticeship.

However, the trend stops when you get to the higher levels of education.

‘Aussies with university credentials are the ones most likely to have an affair and those with limited education are the most faithful,’ said VictoriaMilan CEO, Sigurd Vedal.

‘What this tells us is that highly educated people are likely to have more time on their hands, while the working class are too busy making ends meet to have time for a sexy fling.’

It’s probably not worth dwelling on how well these statistics translate over here…

The least likely men to commit adultery were those with a doctorate (1.3%) – and the most faithful women are also those with a doctorate.

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