6 body organs you can donate while still alive

Donating living organ is selfless deed that can prolong or save the lives of others.

BBecause it’s virtually always done for good purpose, it’s still regarded as selfless and honorable even when some people do it for money and other reasons.

6 body organs you can donate while still alive

Here are some organs and tissues that can be donated while the donor is still alive:

1. Kidney: The most common organ donated by living individuals. People can live with just one healthy kidney, and a living kidney donation can significantly improve the quality of life for someone with kidney failure.

2. Liver: A portion of the liver can be donated, as the liver has the ability to regenerate. Both the donor and the recipient’s livers will grow back to near-normal size within a few weeks.

3. Lung: In some cases, a lobe of a lung can be donated. This is a less common type of living organ donation and is usually done between family members.

4. Pancreas: Islet cells from the pancreas can be transplanted to help treat diabetes. While it’s less common than kidney or liver donation, it is still a viable option in some cases.

5. Intestine: A segment of the small intestine can be donated, although this is a complex and rare procedure usually reserved for specific medical conditions.

6. Bone marrow and stem cells: These can be donated to treat various blood disorders, such as leukemia, lymphoma, and certain genetic diseases.

Donation is typically done through a process called apheresis.

It’s important to note that living organ donation involves careful medical and psychological evaluations to ensure the safety and well-being of both the donor and the recipient.

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Additionally, the decision to donate should be made voluntarily, without any coercion.

Living organ donation is a significant and altruistic decision that requires careful consideration and discussion with medical professionals.

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