8 little white lies that are ‘OK’ to tell your spouse

Isn’t the best policy to always be honest? Well, there are instances when it makes sense to occasionally tell your spouse a small white lie. Really. Contrary as it may seem, telling a white lie once in a while will probably keep everyone sane. These are eight small secrets that you can withhold from your partner without jeopardizing your union.

1. The Outfit Compliment

Really, if your spouse looks like an utter fool, it’s probably best you say something to save this person from embarrassment. However, there are many occasions someone might not really “rock” that new shirt, dress, or pair of pants but . . . your spouse loves it! It’s best you let your spouse feel good in that fashion choice. Don’t say a word, because if you do, most likely, it’s going to be the wrong thing!

2. When You Hate the BFF

If your spouse’s BFF is a big fat pain in the butt to you, most likely your spouse will see that the two of you don’t “jive” well. But if you really can’t stand this person, it’s advisable that you keep some of your critique to yourself. You don’t have to state that you love your spouse’s bestie, but you can hold back, and, if directly asked, soften the blow with a white lie like, “Well, we’re just different people.” Trust me, don’t mess with a spouse’s best friend . . . unless the person is toxic for your spouse.

3. A Facebook Request From an Ex

OK, this is tricky territory here. Number one, don’t accept this request. Number two, don’t engage in an emotional affair. Now that you heeded my solid advice, here’s another thing: don’t tell your spouse about this friend request – just delete it! This is information that won’t make your partner happy and, also, it is not essential. Just delete the request and go on with your day.

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8 little white lies that are ‘OK’ to tell your spouse

4. A Hot Co-Worker

We all have our bucket list crushes of celebrities, but if someone in our real-life world is sexy as hell, let’s NOT announce it to our spouse! If your spouse asks you outright if you find your co-worker sexy, just say he or she is attractive but not your type. If he or she can see through it, just say seriously, this person doesn’t really do it for you. You don’t need your spouse envisioning you having Don Draper-like affairs with your co-worker.

5. Their Cooking Prowess

Your spouse spends the day on Pinterest or online or in an old-fashioned recipe book cooking up something special for you. You sit down to eat it while your spouse beams with pride . . . and you take your first bite. And it tastes like utter garbage. Truly, garbage. Do you tell the spouse who has been sweating over a stove all day that this meal, quite frankly, sucks? No. Not if you want to live another day as a married person.

6. When the Joke Isn’t THAT Funny

You shouldn’t fake laugh at everything your spouse says, but if you’re out at a gathering and everyone laughs at your spouse’s joke but you don’t find it so funny, do you tell your spouse if he or she asks? No. You don’t. You say, “Sure dear, it was funny,” unless it was blatantly hurtful or offensive.

7. The million dollar question

If your spouse has gained a lot of weight, you can’t lie when the person asks you if he or she did. But if it’s a few pounds here or there, just say you don’t notice or instead, “I don’t know, but you look wonderful/sexy/beautiful/handsome to me.”

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8. Someone Flirted With You

If someone flirts with you other than your spouse, be glad to be alive! Flirting is fun – as long as it’s hands off. However, you don’t need to give the detailed report to your spouse.

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