7 places she met the guy she cheated on you with

There are terrible people in the world who cheat. Even though nobody wants to be the object of someone else’s infatuation, there is a strange allure to the events, circumstances, and methods involved in cheating. Currently, a fresh survey aims to address a few of those queries.

Superdrug Online Doctor, a UK website, polled 2,000 people about cheating for the study and received some unexpected responses. To begin with, the majority of cheaters claimed to have cheated just once, while less than half acknowledged engaging in frequent extramarital affairs.

Additionally, women were more likely than males to admit to having cheated more than once, with 40% of them admitting to it. (And this is the person whom 62 percent of women dream about.)

The study asked cheaters where they met the person they cheated on, and the responses are sure to feed the suspicions of any insecure partner. This is where things get really fascinating.

These were the most common answers from women. Men responded similarly, however they were more inclined than women to look for a partner online or to pick one up in a pub.

7 places she met the guy she cheated on you with

Most respondents expressed sorrow for cheating, even though many said their partner was unaware of their misdeeds. Thus, as always, do not deceive.

They were friends.

41 percent of respondents cited a too-close pal as the one coming between her and her significant other.

They met them at work

You never mix business with pleasure, but, unfortunately, 33 percent of the women surveyed said that the workplace is where their indiscretion went down.

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They met while they were “out and about.”

Maybe she was stopped on a run, or happened to strike up a conversation with someone at a café. Whatever the case, casual, real-world interactions accounted for 18 percent of all responses.

They met them in a bar.

On that note, a night at the bar led to 12 percent of the cheating instances.

They met them on social media.

You can’t stop another man from sliding into her DMs, and 7 percent of the women surveyed just couldn’t resist the advances.

They met them on a dating app or website.

If you’re in a relationship, it may not be a good sign that she still has Tinder or another dating app downloaded on her phone. Still, this platform accounted for just 5 percent of all responses.

They met them on a business trip or vacation.

A weekend away could be enough to put her world’s apart from you. But this situation was a factor in just 4 percent of all responses.

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