11 things most wives do when husbands are away

These days, it’s nearly a given (though more or less covertly) that someone who lives alone and shows no signs of wanting a relationship is seen as both pitiful and extremely damaged. It’s just not considered possible to be alone and normal at the same time.

This sets us up for a collective catastrophe since it implies that a great number of people who are fundamentally unfit for marriage and who do not naturally want to live with another person are forced into marriage each year, with terrible consequences for all parties.

Many women would adore being able to sing aloud whenever they want and boast to the world about having the greatest voice ever. Many ladies like indulging in rich foods while lounging on their beds and binge-watching their beloved soap operas, such as Jodha and Kumkum Bhagya.

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11 things most wives do when husbands are away

All they want to do on a sunny Saturday is spend hours getting all girlie and doing things like painting their nails, plucking their eyebrows, and applying a face mask.

4. With husbands in bed, sleeping is restricted and without them, wives just sprawl out or sleep diagonally. Most especially sleeping your best position without even a night shower can be great.

5. They take shamelessly long showers while singing and also pee whilst showering, as the toilet seat gets wet.

6. Sometimes some wives want to spend time with friends, they hardly get to see when husbands are around.

7. When husbands are not around, wives love to move around the house naked making coffee, watching TV and talking endlessly on phone.

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8. Many wives love stalking their exes and old crushes online, laugh at their ugly wives or cry at their hot wives, very factual!

9. They love to go on a date with themselves, watch a new movie, drive around town, and dine out, so they don’t need to cook.

10. They want to leave the dirty utensils in the sink unwashed, after all she is just alone in the house and who cares.

11. She tidy the house when she wants, wakes up at a time she feels like. Unlike when hubby is around and you would have to be up early probably doing the chores all by yourself.

Wives need lonely times but precious moments like when hubby is around has some sweet tingling feeling, especially when you two are friends, you have a lot of things to talk about that, you don’t want to be left alone.

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