Why you should change your mattress often

There isn’t exactly a set schedule for how frequently you should change your mattress. Above all, it primarily depends on whether or not you still have a cozy place to sleep. A mattress that is well beyond its prime or isn’t right for the sleeper might be the cause of a lot of health problems.
It may last longer if you have been using a decent support system for the mattress. Make sure the mattress is receiving adequate support regardless of whether you choose to utilize a bed frame or a box spring.
A bed frame’s center support provides additional support for the mattress and delays the onset of sagging.
Recommendations for Innerspring Mattress Durability.

Innerspring mattresses generally last for at least seven to 10 years, but they can and often do last longer. How soon your mattress wears out depends on many factors. Maybe the foremost consideration is the quality of the mattress you bought to begin with.

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Why you should change your mattress often

Better-quality mattresses are made from better materials. The coils are more resilient and the padding is denser as compared to lesser-quality mattresses. Many innerspring mattresses are two-sided, which means you can flip them over to distribute the wear and tear. If you do that regularly, you can make your mattress last longer.
The weight of those sleeping on the mattress is also a consideration. Heavier users wear out their mattresses sooner.
Durability Guidelines for Foam Mattresses
There are many different types of foam and combinations, so as with innerspring mattresses, there are no hard and fast rules.
A good memory foam mattress might last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. Buying a quality mattress might let you keep it longer. It helps to check out mattress reviews and to buy a reputable brand.
You don’t need to turn over your foam mattress, but you might need to turn it around on the bed, so that the head is where the foot used to be, from time to time to reduce chances of depressions from body weight.
Durability Guidelines for Hybrid Mattresses
Hybrid mattresses are comparatively new to the market so there’s not enough information yet to know what their longevity is yet. Most hybrid mattresses have coils in their core with different combinations of foam, latex, and gel in the thick padding that is wrapped around the coils.
It is thought that these will last at least as long as or a little longer than innerspring mattresses.
Signs of Wear and Tear
You should not take anyone’s word for how long your mattress should last. Buying a mattress is a big investment, but it is also an investment in your health. A reputable brand might be worth the extra money.
Check your mattress every now and then to see how it feels. You should definitely look into replacing yours when any one of these happens:
·         You are uncomfortable when you lie down and wake up tired and achy.
·         You see visible signs of wear and tear in your mattress. There is sagging or you notice lumps. You can hear the bed springs when you lie down.
·         You’ve tried rotating it or flipping it, but to no avail. It still doesn’t feel more comfortable.
·         You suffer from allergies and have had the mattress for a long time. If you have not been using protective, allergy-reducing covers, dust mites could pose a problem. Even the cleanest of beds can have dust mites. There are other ways of addressing the dust mite problem, but it helps to start with a clean, mite-free mattress.
·         You are older than 40 and have been sleeping on the same sleep surface for around 10 years. Your body becomes more sensitive to pressure points with age. Pressure points can lead to tossing and turning and disturbed sleep, which can be bad for your overall health.

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