7 things your boyfriend loves to hear from you

In a romantic partnership, guys also enjoy hearing affirmation and gratitude, just as much as women do. But complementing a man differs greatly from complimenting a woman.

Here are seven things men love to hear, so use them to tell your boyfriend how amazing you think he is and make him incredibly happy.

1.   You Look Handsome Today

A compliment goes a long way, especially when it comes from somebody you love, it makes you feel special. Whether he is preparing for a night out, or he’s dressed up for a special occasion, or while he’s working on some chores at home without his sweater on, give him a compliment – it’s a surefire way to make him more confident. He’s going to like the fact that he’s appealing to you. Even if he is a guy who doesn’t take compliments well, he will enjoy this one. He will know that he still makes your knees weak from time to time, which is another sign of a healthy relationship.

2. You’re So Funny

If you’re going to give him only one compliment this is it, tell him he is funny. Men love to hear this. Men love to make their women laugh so they try so hard to be funny and fail miserably most of the time. You should appreciate the fact that he is trying to put a smile on your face even if his jokes are not funny. Men are still young boys at heart and will probably find some inappropriate situation funny. Instead of lashing out, try to enjoy the joke – especially when it’s a good one, as you will develop a closer bond.

3. I Agree with You

When he has a big decision to make he will value your input, but he will value your support even more. Having someone who believes in him will motivate him to be better at what he’s doing will make him worry less. Sometimes that is what stops people from success, and we know how important professional success is for a relationship to grow. You don’t have to agree with every step of the way, but when it comes to his success, he probably knows what is best.

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7 things your boyfriend loves to hear from you

4.  I’m So Lucky to Have You

The key to a long-lasting relationship is to make him feel loved and appreciated in the relationship. Tell him how lucky you feel to have him in your life. This will make him very happy and will remind him that he’s not just another guy. Being exceptional for someone can make one’s day. And you can make his day even better by sending him boyfriend quotes to express how happy he makes you.

5. Your Friends Are Fun, Let’s Hang Out More

Guys like to hang out with their buddies and what you think of them might play a vital role in your social life altogether. You know the saying – “you are who you surround yourself with”. By not making an effort to appreciate his friends and even letting some things slip, you might miss out on some good company. A good company is much better than no company, so if you don’t start socializing with his friends from the get-go, they might take it as a sign of disapproval. As a result, both yours and especially your boyfriend’s social life might take a turn for the worse.

6. I’m Sorry

When he brings up an issue, it’s probably very important to him. If you have said or done something that might have hurt him, apologize sincerely. It will let him know that you’re a person that doesn’t think they’re always right and he will be more talkative knowing that you two can work things out as a couple.

7. I Love It When We Do Stuff Together

This can work out for both of you, especially if you don’t get to spend enough time together. He will love the fact that you appreciate his presence and the moments you spend with him mean a lot to you. He might even try to make more room in his schedule for you or at least try to make the moments you have exceptional.

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