7 things you should never say to a pregnant woman

With all its beauty and luminosity, pregnancy is also a minefield of delicate subjects and well-meaning but frequently inappropriate remarks.

Things you ought never ever say to a lady who is expecting

Sometimes our words might cause more harm than good, even when our intentions are to encourage and support our friends and family who are expecting.

7 things you should never say to a pregnant woman

Let’s dive into the seven things you should zip it on to keep the peace and positivity flowing.

1. “You’re so big/small!

Commenting on a pregnant woman’s size is a big no-no. Whether she’s carrying small or large, such remarks can spark unnecessary anxiety and self-consciousness. Every pregnancy is unique; let’s keep the focus on health and happiness, shall we?

2. “Are you sure it’s not twins?

This cheeky question isn’t as funny as it seems. It can imply that the expectant mom looks larger than she should, which can be both upsetting and annoying. Trust that she’s well-informed about her pregnancy details.

3. “Enjoy sleep while you can!”

Though often said in jest, this statement undermines the challenges of pregnancy insomnia and the anxiety many women feel about the impending life change. It’s not just unhelpful; it’s a reminder of the sleepless nights ahead.

4. “Should you be eating that?

Diet policing is a sensitive area, especially during pregnancy. Unless you’re a healthcare professional giving advised consultations, steer clear of commenting on a pregnant woman’s food choices.

5. “Say goodbye to your figure!”

This unwelcome prediction about post-pregnancy bodies is not only rude but also incorrect. Many women bounce back, and even if they don’t, their bodies have accomplished something miraculous. Celebrate that.

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6. “Was it planned?”

The planning and timing of a pregnancy are deeply personal topics. This question is invasive and implies that unplanned pregnancies are somehow less valuable or welcome.

7. “You look tired.

Pregnancy is exhausting, no news there. Pointing out that someone looks tired can come off as saying they look bad. Offer support, not observations.

Remember, when talking to a pregnant woman, the goal is to uplift and support, not to judge or critique. By avoiding these seven phrases, you contribute to a positive atmosphere where expectant mothers can feel proud, excited, and most importantly, respected.

After all, pregnancy is tough enough without having to navigate a minefield of well-meaning but potentially hurtful comments.

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