5 reasons your sweat smells so bad

Many people believe that sweat is what causes body odor, but did you know that sweat has no smell?

Sweat does not produce body odor; rather, microorganisms that break down sweat proteins do. A foul odor may arise from an overabundance of “bad bacteria” on the skin.

There are, nevertheless, several possible reasons for body odor. Factors include:

Your body has two types of sweat glands: apocrine and eccrine. When you are tense or stressed, your body activates the apocrine glands, resulting in increased smelly sweat.

Do you know that stress can have various negative impacts on the body, ranging from a bad night’s sleep to stress pimples and even how you smell? Try relaxing and calming activities to relieve stress.

Spicy foods, alcohol, and beef can alter the scent of the body.

In a study published in Chemical Senses, one group ate red meat and another ate a non-meat diet. After two weeks, it was discovered that the non-meat group’s odour was perceived as more pleasant and attractive than that of the red meat group.

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5 reasons your sweat smells so bad

Long-term antiperspirant users tend to have more bacteria in their armpits multiple days after ceasing product use than long-term deodorant users.

Deodorant users smell better than antiperspirant when they stop using it [dailynation]

A 2016 study published in PeerJ found that ceasing antiperspirant use increased the number of “smelly bacteria” in the human armpit microbiome, more so than deodorant.

Some medical problems might produce an abrupt change in body odour, e.g, hyperhidrosis.

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Body odour may also indicate a serious underlying medical problem. People with diabetes may notice a foul odour. Also, poor breath can also indicate liver and renal problems.

Sometimes, bad body odour comes from wearing smelly clothes or clothes that were not properly washed and sundried. Also, tight-fitting or non-breathable fabrics can trap sweat and worsen the smell. Wear cotton, linen, and merino wool to improve your natural scent.

Don’t forget to have regular baths. If you fix all the above-mentioned problems and you don’t smell better, then you should see a doctor.

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