Eat vegan foods for good health – Ghanaians advised

Ruth Amoako-Adusei, the CEO of Boujie Bakes Vegan, has exhorted Ghanaians to consume more vegan meals and snacks.

According to her, they have a significant positive impact on human health and shield the body from developing chronic and other illnesses.

The vegan said in an interview with Joy Prime’s Prime Morning that the recipes’ preparation methods had changed, making them tasty and nutritious.

“Now it’s not only about being vegan; it has evolved more from a health perspective because what you put in your body affects your wellness and others,” she said.

Since she is a vegan, she makes her meals using wholesome, locally grown vegetables that she also eats. The CEO disclosed that the primary reason her bakery is unique is that it focuses mostly on nutrition.

She said that the nutrition-dense, locally produced goods used in her products come from all around the nation and include rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, such as flax seed and baobab fruit.

Since beginning her company in her mother’s kitchen, she has developed and created a variety of delectable recipes that both satiate her clients’ sweet tooth cravings and guarantee that they are consuming wholesome, nourishing snacks.

She started her journey in the Netherlands, where she studied, decided to go on a plant-based diet that she loved, and went on to implement it permanently into her life.

But upon her return to Ghana, the lack of vegan options made her want to share the bliss of veganism with her fellow countrymen.

“For me, it wasn’t a question of allergies but the love for animals. It was curiosity first and ethical reasons, but it has evolved now to more of a health reason.”

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She admitted that one of her biggest challenges was convincing people to try vegan snacks, although there were already people interested in trying healthy snacks. She needed to convince quite a number of people because they had the misconception that there were actual chopped vegetables instead of what they were used to.

The young CEO asserted that veganism is the way forward due to the amount of fatty and almost non-nutritious nature of the snacks and foods we eat on a day-to-day basis, stating that what we put in our bodies is what determines our health.

Based on her experience in starting her firm, she advised startups, particularly within the vegan field, not to go into the market and expect to breakthrough overnight. “They should start small and grow from there.”

Miss Amoako-Adusei added that they should accept feedback, improve their products, and reintroduce them into the market.

She concluded that they should keep to their core values and not take on contracts that are more than they can handle; instead, they should do their best to represent their brands.

Research shows that food is a major factor in the rise in the number of people suffering from diseases. Therefore, one needs to be particular about their well-being.

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