Toxic mistakes that can tear young married couples apart

A counselor says that even solid partnerships can make mistakes in marriage, especially if they are relatively new.
In his frequent counseling of brides and couples, Pastor John identifies three specific marital errors that have the power to destroy a relationship.

MISTAKE #1: Holding your spouse hostage to past mistakes.
People make mistakes. When your partner says or does something that offends you, it’s important not to harp on that mistake in the future. Instead, Pastor John says, you must give your spouse the opportunity to learn and grow. “That can mess up a young marriage because nobody knows how to do it right at the beginning,” he points out.

Toxic mistakes that can tear young married couples apart

MISTAKE #2: Assuming married life won’t be different from dating.
What does a little piece of paper end up changing? A lot, says Pastor John. “When you engage another human being willingly with the opportunity to walk away, which is what dating is, there’s less pressure,” he explains. “When you get married, now you’re saying, ‘I’m building with this person.’ … There will be tension.”

MISTAKE #3: Telling your business to your parents.
Pastor John calls this one of the biggest mistakes young married couples make. “Lady, if he offends you, don’t tell your mama. Because when he ends up apologizing and getting it right, and you’re healed from it, the mother still remembers it,” Pastor John says. “Keep your business to yourself.”

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