7 Reasons why Ghanaian women cheat

People may hate me for this, but it’s not just men that cheat in relationships in Ghana; women do it too.

There are various reasons why women in Ghana cheat, but unlike men, who cheat on a regular basis just because they are men, women typically betray because their emotional needs are not being addressed.

1. Ghanaian Women Want To Feel Wanted And Appreciated

Though most women are not controlled by a want for sex like men,they sure do crave intimacy. And when the intimacy in the marriage seems to dwindle, women seek satisfaction elsewhere.

2. Women Want To Be Heard To Feel Heard

Women like to share their feelings and be heard but most times, their husbands is not willing to give her a listening ear.

Some men have a limited capacity for listening, especially after years of marriage and hearing the same stories over and over again. Just like reason #1, this leads them directly into another’s arms.

Shot of a young couple having a disagreement at home
7 Reasons why Ghanaian women cheat

3. Women Want To Feel Connected

A long marriage usually ends with both partners looking their emotionally connection. Couples begin living like roommates rather than husband and wife. All of a sudden, she starts noticing other men at work or other places and is excited to discover that they notice her, too.

4. Mid-Life Crisis

Research on why women cheat once stated that women are most likely to cheat between the ages of 30 and 50.

This is when the mid-life crisis sets in because at these ages women may long for the days when they felt vivacious, alluring and confident.

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5. Revenge

If a husband cheats and the wife finds out, some women could feel the sense of revenge and what better way than to give him back in his own coins.

A hurt and betrayed woman is more likely to stray into the arms of another man without thinking twice.

6. Boredom

In such instances, most women feel the need to explore what is out there and end up with a man who gives the kind of sex they hardly get at home.

7. Need For Adventure

A woman may feel the need to be adventurous; the flirting, the secret dating, the stolen sex, the sneaking around and all that.

Have we missed out on any of the reasons why Ghanaian women cheat?

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