This is the age men are most boring

It’s now known how old men became really uninteresting. According to new ‘research,’ males do not progressively age into gods of adventure like to James Bond by the time they are in their late thirties.

Actually, 39 is when they are the most boring.

Sorry, men.

Home rental site Airbnb surveyed 2,000 people to try and work out the optimum age for boredom and excitement.

Apparently 27 is the age at which people are most likely to be trekking across the desert, dancing on bar counters or taking up base jumping.

People become more dull as they take on increased responsibilities in their thirties, according to the survey.

Boring man
This is the age men are most boring

Women become ‘boring’ at an earlier age than men, apparently.

Airbnb statisticians claim this happens at 35 (although in popular wisdom this is also the age at which women reach their sexual peak, so who can tell).

If these 2,000 people are representative, we’re all in this together in ossifying into uninteresting, tedious and predictable dullards.

However, after 50 all this changes when people become more open to new experiences again.

So, there’s always retirement to look forward to.

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