Foolish reasons people give to justify cheating

1.”Everyone is cheating”

No, not everyone is sleeping around. This world has many faithful people of integrity, you have simply chosen not be one of them.

2. “My spouse lives too far from me”

Long distance relationships can take a toll on someone, but instead of sleeping with another because your lover is far, call your lover on phone when you are aroused, express how much you miss each other and long for each other; that is what true love is about. Trust is not dependent on your spouse being physically near you.

Yes, doing the same thing with your spouse over and over can dull things up. But why trash your marriage because of it yet you and spouse can work on spicing up your sex life? Perhaps there is something your spouse is not doing or is not doing right; tell your spouse, don’t look outside. Any one would prefer being suggested to by their spouse to do some sexy things rather than their spouse cheating on them.

4. “My woman is pregnant”

A woman’s sexiness doesn’t die when she gets pregnant, she can be pregnant and sexy; most women get a huge sexual appetite when pregnant. You two can have pregnancy sex, or she could even find ways to still give you pleasure with her hands or other parts of her.

Foolish reasons people give to justify cheating

A condom can protect you from pregnancy or contracting sexually transmitted diseases as you cheat, but it doesn’t protect your lover’s heart from the pain your unfaithfulness brings.

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6. “A man must have side a side chick”

7. “The woman was too sexy for me to let her pass”

Yes, this world is full of sexy women. They will wear fancy clothes, show curves, reveal cleavage, smell good, flirt or even seduce you; but those sexy women don’t love you like your woman does, they haven’t been there for you, they don’t know you, they don’t believe in you like your woman does. Your woman is more than sexy, she loves you; she is special, treat her as such. Don’t wreck real love for a passing body.

Aren’t you a grown person? Don’t you have the guts to tell off vultures who try to come between you and your lover? You allow that vulture to lure you because you want to, you choose to be unfaithful.

9. “Blame it on the alcohol”

No one forced you to drink. It was your choice to go to that venue, your choice to drink knowing very well alcohol will cloud your judgement. Someone who is serious about his/her relationship/marriage avoids venues and activities that don’t add value to their love-life. Alcohol only brings out the inner nature we hide when sober.

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10. “Girls ain’t loyal”

Why would you let a pop song make you irresponsible? Women have dignity, they don’t sleep around, they are keepers because they are loyal to the man they commit to. Women are not shaped by pop culture. Are you a girl or a woman? You decide.

11. “I have no control over my libido”

We are human beings not animals; we build sky scrappers, develop apps, drive automobiles, develop satellites, invent medicine, perform works of art, construct large ships, we dominate the created world. Surely we can also have control over our libido. If you are a highly sexual person, well, direct your sexual urges to your spouse; don’t be ashamed about it, exclusively release it on him/her.

12. “My spouse led me to it”

No one, not even your spouse can force you to do anything. If you feel your spouse pushed you away, it was your choice to open your legs for another.

13. “My lover thinks I am cheating, I might as well do it”

If your lover thinks you’re cheating yet you are not, that’s your lover’s fault. You are not faithful because your lover believes you are faithful, you are faithful because that is who you are, whether others believe it or not.

14. “I did it to revenge”

If your lover jumps a cliff or commits suicide, will you do the same?

15. “It’s my money, my life”

Yes, so you have money to buy your own car and sex a stranger in it; yes, you can afford a vacation to go have an affair; yes, you feel like a big shot and you can do anything. But if anything is what you want to do then end that relationship/marriage then go on and do as you please; but don’t cheat yet still stay in the commitment. As long as you are in that relationship/marriage, you are accountable and answerable to your partner; that is what it means to be one in love. But even if you were to break the commitment in order to do as you please, eventually you will get tired of that life and you will realize the value of love, commitment and family- things that money nor success can get you. Love is not for the selfish.

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16. “My marriage is a mess”

As long as you are still in that marriage make it work, don’t cheat. Make up your mind, are you in or out; no gray areas. How does cheating solve your marital problems?

17. “No one will know”

People in an affair tell themselves this. Unfaithfulness almost always comes out in the open; but even if it doesn’t, God knows it and you two know it; it will eat you up in your conscience.

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