How to protect your furniture with wooden polish

Ghana is currently experiencing its normal season of the Harmattan. 

This season occurs between the end of November and the middle of March. It is mainly characterized by dry and dusty winds.

Just as we take care of our skin and hair during this period, we need to take care of our furniture as well. Furniture i.e. wood, metal or rattan react to the extreme cold and dry winds this season brings.

In this article however, we will focus on wooden furniture and why it is crucial to polish it during this period.

Wood is a timeless raw material that has been used for centuries in the construction of furniture, flooring, and various applications.

One of the most crucial aspects of maintaining and preserving the beauty of wood is the use of high-quality wood polish.

First and foremost, wood polish plays a vital role in enhancing the natural beauty of wood.

When wood is properly polished, it reveals its unique grain patterns, rich colors, and smooth texture.

Wood polish penetrates into wood, highlighting its natural features and gives it a lustrous and appealing appearance.

Moreover, applying wood polish regularly maintains the wood’s freshness and prevents it from looking dull or worn out.

Beyond aesthetics, wood polish acts as a protective agent for wood surfaces.

Wood is susceptible to various environmental factors such as UV rays, temperature changes, moisture, and every day wear and tear.

These factors can cause fading, cracking, warping, or drying of the wood which doesn’t give you the consumer value for money.

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By applying a wood polish, a protective layer is formed that shields the wood from these damaging elements.

The polish also acts as a barrier, preventing moisture therefore slowing down the aging process and maintaining its integrity.

There are various types of wood polish that have been formulated over the years to deal with maintaining wood.

The variations include water based wood polish, lacquer wood polish; oil based wood polish, shellac wood polish and wax wood polish.

For the purposes of this discussion and where Ghana finds itself in Africa, specifically West Africa, wood wax polish made of beeswax is the best option here.

Beeswax is an organic off product that is produced through the manufacturing of honey by bees.

It does not contain chemicals or toxins thus making it safe to use around children, pets and people with sensitivities to chemical based products.

It is easy to use and usually requires minimal effort. It is also versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.

Beeswax has excellent moisturizing properties that penetrate deep into wood, keeping it hydrated and highlighting wood pigmentation.

This natural trait it has made it a main ingredient for various manufacturing hubs.

Beeswax polish can even be applied over existing oil varnishes without scratching the furniture.

Variations of it can be imported and it is locally produced by NBM Limited.

Beeswax polish provides a polish finish without streaks, smears and buildups.

Its natural formula, long lasting satin sheen and protective properties make it the perfect solution for revitalizing and protecting your wood furniture.

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In conclusion, wood polish is not just an optional luxury but an essential component of wood care. By understanding the importance of wood polish and regularly incorporating it into your wood care routine, you can ensure that your wooden furniture and objects remain beautiful, resilient and enduring for years to come.


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