Lionel Messi Reveals When He Will Retire From Football

Lionel Messi has revealed when he plans to retire from football as he enters the twilight of his illustrious career.

Messi has demonstrated his abilities since joining Inter Miami in the summer of 2023, scoring 16 goals and assisting seven times in 19 matches across many tournaments.

Nonetheless, at 36 years old, Messi has had to deal with injury setbacks, raising questions about his longevity in the sport.

While discussing his retirement plans on the Big Time podcast, the eight-time Ballon d’Or winner stressed his self-awareness, admitting to a predisposition to criticize his performances.

Lionel Messi Reveals When He Will Retire From Football

Messi expressed his willingness to leave the game if he believes he can no longer provide his top performance or get pleasure from playing, regardless of his age.

“I am very self critical of myself, I know when I’m good, when I’m bad, when I play well and when I play badly. When I feel it’s time to take that step, I will take it without thinking about age,” Messi said.

“I know that moment I feel I am no longer ready to perform, that I am no longer enjoying myself or helping my teammates.

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